Artificial grass for sports

Why are so many grass fields being replaced with artificial grass? Well, the answer is quite simple. Artificial grass increases the use of a converted fields by approximately 30% annually, which can create a greater capacity for the sports community as a whole.

There are many types of sports turf being used such as: football turf, soccer turf, baseball turf, putting green turf, batting cage turf. Today, more and more traditional fields are being replaced by artificial grass that houses a variety of perks for both your team, your neighbourhood and your environment.


Ask any coach who the leading provider of artificial fields is, there’s a 99% chance that he will say Grand Custom Turf.

It’s no secret the Grand Custom Turf has earned a name for itself in the baseball community as a company who is committed to providing the best artificial playing solutions on the market. We didn’t get here by chance. Our team has deep roots in the industry. When it comes to baseball, we are perfectionists. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

Why Grand Custom Turf? Our synthetic turf gives baseball programs the chance to practice more and mitigate the risk of rain outs. Our artificial turf doesn’t just look natural, it feels natural too. The truth is, not all artificial playing solutions are made equal. We guarantee natural bounces, full speed and normal sliding distances when you purchase from Turf Pros. We can customise everything for you, giving your team a real home-field advantage. We use nylon and a variety of specialized fibers to create the most durable, natural baseball field you have ever seen or played on. That’s a guarantee.

Field Hockey Turf

Grand Custom Turf is constantly committed to giving field hockey players the best, most natural-feeling surface to play on. We love what we do and it shows in the quality of our work and commitment of our team.

Why Grand Custom Turf? We are the real deal. That’s why our artificial turf solutions have been in high demand by some of the most prominent Field Hockey programs in the world. We are players ourselves, so we understand how a natural surface should play. Artificial turf shouldn’t just look natural, it needs to play natural as well. With our synthetic grass, your highly skilled players can do what they do best: play.

Football Turf

Looks real, feels real, plays real.

Realistic playing conditions aren’t just important, they are imperative. Turf Pros makes some of the most realistic turf fields on the market. For years, Grand Custom Turf Pros has been Americas go-to provider of artificial football field solutions.

Why Grand Custom Turf? Football is a serious sport, you need a serious company to make your artificial field. You need a field that can withstand the constant pressure and beating that a football field surface takes. When we manufacture our turf, we consider all aspects of play, including player safety. We use state of the art technology to design and develop turf that protects players and reduces serious injuries, while still giving players the perfect surface for optimum performance.


Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport and we are the fastest growing turf provider. Coincidence? We think not.

All sports require their own unique turf solution. In lacrosse, players can stop on a dime and switch directions at insane speeds. So, we make sure our turf gives them a safe surface to play on without sacrificing speed or performance.

Why Grand Custom Turf? Artificial turf made for lacrosse players, designed and created by lacrosse players. It’s true,
we understand what characteristics make for the perfect playing surface and we implement them seamlessly. That’s our goal, to be the best. Our lacrosse-specific turf offers reliability, predictability and durability. So, you and your players can have confidence on the field.

Soccer Turf

We have travelled the world to give soccer players the best synthetic grass, that most closely imitates grass.

Soccer is a game that requires the ball to be in almost constant contact with the surface. The fact of the matter is, the best players need the best conditions. Our team has spent years travelling the world in an effort to understand what exactly makes for the best soccer surface. Not only that, but we have worked with medical professionals of all sorts to learn how we can make our synthetic turf as safe as possible. As a result of our efforts, we have created the perfect artificial playing surface. At least as perfect as it gets. Our team has worked tirelessly to create a surface that mimics grass in playability, with increased durability.

Why Grand Custom Turf? We know that grass is king when it comes to soccer. That’s why Grand Custom Turf goes the extra mile to imitate the safety and playability of the world’s best grass fields. When you use Turf Pros you are guaranteed the highest quality and a surface that is “as real as it gets.” We pride ourselves on our soccer-specific Artificial Turf that was designed and developed for soccer players, by soccer players. There’s a variety of options to choose from, many of them budget-friendly.


We take softball fields as serious as we take baseball fields

We take our talents from the baseball field straight to the softball field. That’s why when we make a softball field, we guarantee the highest quality. There really isn’t any competition.

Why Grand Custom Turf? It’s no secret that when you implement synthetic turf, you mitigate the risk of rainouts and the mess of wet clay. What is a secret is how a synthetic field can affect bunts and bounces. In a game that revolves around these two B’s, you need to make sure the ball plays like it should. We implement a series of upgrades to ensure the durability of your synthetic field. Nylon is issued in high-use areas so that our customers get a field that lasts. We spend more money to make sure you can save yours.

Why Synthetic Grass Is Perfect For Every Occasions

Less Maintenance

Your field requires a lot of maintenance and nobody knows that better than you. Kick after kick and play after play, your natural grass can take quite the beating after just one game and it can be difficult to repair between matches especially if you have several games per week or if your field is shared by other teams. Installing artificial grass for sports in place of natural grass, frees you up to let your turf take care of itself. This not only saves time for you but also cuts costs by eliminating the need to pay field maintenance crews for regular upkeep.

No Mess. No Patches

Football, baseball and soccer fields get torn up quickly. From kicks to cleats and everything in between, your game field has to stand up to a lot of heavy duty traffic. This often means that after a game… your field has scuffs, kicked up dirt and holey splotches left over from a rigorous game against the other team. This can be a real pain to remedy especially in a short amount of time. Wholesale turf nixes the need for cleaning up dirt, re-planting seeds and sod and having to worry about repairing holes created by overzealous players.

No Harsh Fertilizers

Playing fields are notoriously hard to maintain when it comes to keeping the grass growing evenly. This means adding fertilizers that can need time to sit before your team comes on the green. It can also mean exposing your team to harsh chemicals which can be bad for their health. Using artificial grass for sports means that you will never need to use fertilizers on your field again. This protects your players but it also protects your investment, saving you money on unnecessary added expenses that take away from your team’s funds.

No Puddles

Rain can spoil a great game fast and leave your team sitting on the sidelines. Standing water on your field can lead to spills and slips for your players but it can also make game play difficult and uncomfortable. Artificial grass is designed to drain away any excess water, keeping your field dry and ready for your next power play against the opposing team. When you go faux with Lawn Pros, rain does not have to spoil a good game… only make it a little more interesting and memorable.


Natural grass collects and produces allergens which become airborne when your team is on the field. This can create a playing field that can be a real concern for players, coaches and fans with allergies and asthma. Artificial grass is allergen-free and allows your team and your audience to enjoy the game without wheezing, sneezing or coughing. This means less time on the bench and more time in the game.

Better Game Play

Natural fields have unique quirks where some areas may be slightly elevated or mushy. Other areas may have small holes kicked up from game play which can become a hazard. This can create an unpredictable playing surface that can lead to injuries, missed plays and lost games. Creating a playing field that is consistently smooth is safer for the players.

Where to use?

Where are some of the places you can use Grand Custom Turf Artificial Turf Installation?

The only limit is your imagination!

  • Back-yards, front-yards and lawns of every size and shape

  • Around the pool

  • The roof of a building or apartment

  • Putting greens for golf (indoors and out)

  • Balcony
  • Under outdoor furniture
  • Commercial landscaping

  • Indoor and outdoor sports training areas

  • Playgrounds and parks

  • Decks, patios & porches

  • Dog runs
  • Cover outdoor furniture
  • Pet space
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