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Everywhere you go these days you see them; sports fields that have been changed from regular grass to synthetic grass. The reasons why are simple but powerful; synthetic grass always looks great, never needs maintenance, never needs water and stays green year ‘round.

Whether it’s football, baseball, soccer, rugby or tennis, a field of Grand Custom Turf Solution synthetic grass is the best surface to get your game on, at home, school, the park or the stadium. It’s also great for indoors, because artificial grass never needs sunshine!

Synthetic grass is perfect for golf too, especially with our nationwide push to ‘go green’, because they never need chemical fertilisers the can pollute the local water system and never, ever need water.

Why Synthetic Grass Is Perfect For Every Occasions

Reduced Maintenance Costs

One of the main reasons for using commercial artificial grass, is the reduced, and in some cases even, entirely eliminated maintenance costs you will enjoy. The expense of commercial landscaping professionals mowing, fertilising, seeding, and general upkeep can cost thousands annually for many commercial properties. Irrigation is another big expense for commercial properties that will be virtually eliminated with the use of commercial artificial grass.

Environmentally Friendly

With global warming, water restrictions are often applied in an attempt to save the precious liquid. These restrictions can be devastating for real grass lawns, actually destroying them completely in some cases. Since artificial grass needs no water at all to survive, these restrictions have no effect on it at all, and the turf will stay green and fresh-looking all through the year.

Healthy, Lush Appearance

The artificial grass you purchase from us, means that you will have a healthy, lush looking lawn all through the year, no matter what the season. The exclusive fibres we use in the manufacture of our product, makes it the best artificial turf for lawn. It is non-toxic, and perfectly safe for you, your family and your pets, and since it is made from synthetic materials, there is no risk at all of it triggering unpleasant reactions.

Durable & Long-lasting

Another plus to having an artificial grass installation, is that it does not fade. When you buy artificial turf from us, your purchase comes with a limited 8-year warranty, but depending on where and how the turf is used, it can actually last for 25 years or more. So you are free of tension and the you can spend the time with family and friends in a relax mode and forgot about the maintenance issues

Unlimited Design Possibilities

TOne great advantage about artificial turf, is that it can be used in many places where it is not always possible to grow real grass, like rooftops, steeply sloping ground, indoors, non-accessible areas, or those areas that get little to no sunshine at all. Contrary to what some people believe, our artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing, and is nothing at all like an indoor/outdoor carpet.

Stay Clean

It is especially valuable in those high wear and tear areas, such as where children play all the time, and bald patches start to form. These bald, sandy patches can be a problem after it rains & mud forms, causing a terrible mess everywhere. Getting artificial grass installers in to carefully lay your synthetic grass for you, will have blend in perfectly with the rest of your garden,  overcome the mud and mess problem,& create a clean environment.

Business Applications

Municipality Applications

Grand Custom Turf installs a range of high quality artificial turf systems designed to enhance the landscapes of counties, cities, and HOA’s around the country while saving a great deal of maintenance time and landscaping expenses.

Educational / School Applications

Schools from Pre-K to universities are making the switch to low maintenance and cost saving artificial grass systems .

Hospitality Applications

Treat your guests to a lush green landscape for years to come without spending a great deal of time and money on water and landscaping.

Other than these it can be used for Business Applications such as storefronts, car dealerships, commercial dealerships, shopping centres and business complexes.

Where to use?

Where are some of the places you can use Grand Custom Turf Artificial Turf Installation?

The only limit is your imagination!

  • Back-yards, front-yards and lawns of every size and shape

  • Around the pool

  • The roof of a building or apartment

  • Putting greens for golf (indoors and out)

  • Balcony
  • Under outdoor furniture
  • Commercial landscaping

  • Indoor and outdoor sports training areas

  • Playgrounds and parks

  • Decks, patios & porches

  • Dog runs
  • Cover outdoor furniture
  • Pet space
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