Residential Turfs

You can enjoy our synthetic grass the same way you do regular grass, but without the mud, bugs, ants and weeds.

Commercial Turfs

One of the main reasons for using commercial artificial grass, is the reduced or negligible maintenance costs you will enjoy.

Sports Turfs

Today, more and more traditional fields are being replaced by artificial grass that houses a variety of perks for your teams.

About Our Company

We are the most trusted Artificial turf experts in USA.

10+ Years of Experienced Turf Solutions.

Grand Custom Turf provides the highest quality synthetic grass (Artificial Turf ), with time and money-saving benefits that lets you take back your weekend with Pet Friendly Turf, and spend more time with family, friends, even your pets!

Our Vision

Take Back Your Weekend, with no water, no maintenance Artificial Turf that’s so realistic

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality synthetic grass with time and money-saving benefits

Here are some of the Benefits of Grand Custom Turf Artificial Grass

With Grand Sports Turf Solution synthetic grass, your days of getting expensive water bills are finally over. Having a drought in your city? No problem! Synthetic grass stays green, rain or shine, hot or cold, day and night

Mowing and trimming your lawn is a time-wasting that nobody wants to do. With synthetic grass you will spend that time enjoying your yard, not working on it. Spend time with your family and enjoy the fullest

The synthetic grass we sell is lead free so its 100% safe for your children and your pets including cats and dogs. Its resistant to insects and ants and when they came back it will be easy to clean up

Whne you have got synthetic grass from us you will never have to look at pesky weeds again, or those ugly, brown ‘dead-spots’. Like an evergreen tree our synthetic grass stays green and serene 365 days a year!

Synthetic grass is actually better for the surrounding environment. It never needs water and never needs pesticides or herbicide. Our synthetic grass wastes absolutely no water & when it rains the drainage holes in turf ensures proper water run off

Grand Sports Turf synthetic grass is made to last, providing top quality coverage for years that looks amazing with our trusted guaranteed strong Double PP & PU backing which gives our turf an expected lifespan of 25 years

We take pride in offering the most realistic synthetic grass products in the industry. Our turf is so good, your friends and neighbours will have to get down on their hands and knees to see the difference!

Using our proprietary system our synthetic grass will drain easily and quickly so that you can start using it right away. Our superior drainage also helps the grass to stay cleaner, longer even if you have pets

Where to use?

Where are some of the places you can use Grand Custom Turf Artificial Turf Installation?

The only limit is your imagination!

  • Back-yards, front-yards and lawns of every size and shape

  • Around the pool

  • The roof of a building or apartment

  • Putting greens for golf (indoors and out)

  • Balcony
  • Under outdoor furniture
  • Commercial landscaping

  • Indoor and outdoor sports training areas

  • Playgrounds and parks

  • Decks, patios & porches

  • Dog runs
  • Cover outdoor furniture
  • Pet space
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Grand Custom Turf Solution carries the largest inventory of synthetic grass

Everyone has different needs when it comes to where and how they will use amazing synthetic grass. From our Pro grass / Putting Greens to Plush to everything in between, Turf Pros Solution offers synthetic grass in a wide variety of styles, shades and heights. That allows us to blend synthetic grass into your surroundings with ease, turning them into an instant green-space that’s attractive, healthy and upmarket.

Fact is, having the largest synthetic grass inventory allows us to make sure you have the most choice, and helps turf distributors and contractors to be able to offer more selection to their customers.

This Artificial Turf is tough as nails, but soft as a pillow

Grand Custom Turf synthetic grass is manufactured to withstand all sorts of foot-traffic, and all sorts of heavy-duty wear-and-tear, without a care. We test our synthetic grass strenuously, and it meets or exceeds all local and federal government regulations for durability and safety.

Artificial Turf Vs Real Grass

June 30th, 2015|

I just don’t get the fake-grass hate. From a distance it looks like a well watered closely mowed lawn. It provides a patch of green for play or lounging and doesn’t need watering or require sprinklers that always end up breaking

What Is Artificial Turf Infill?

June 30th, 2015|

Do I infill my project with sand, rubber or not at all? What is artificial turf infill? These are common questions and a decision that most synthetic lawn turf shoppers must contemplate. Natural grass blades are resilient because of the root

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